An observation on Quality Assurance in 2019

So with 2019 came a new role for me, and above all else a new perspective on why and how I do the things that I do (build talented teams to deliver cool shit).

One of the quickest realizations I’ve made was that QA is finally gaining respect within the software development industry. That was a very exciting day for me, as I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of software quality as a part of the full user experience.

So why are we seeing this shift in 2019?

With the perceived death of manual QA and the rise of automated and machine learning inspired QA, the role of QA becomes more complex in nature. Thus, the demand for technical development roles is rapidly rising, with the aim of to take the shoes of manual testers as soon as possible. These roles often include basic programming experience, python scripting is a big one. And while the salary of a Quality Engineer might be double or triple of a local, manual QA tester, you're removing anywhere from 5-10 x the labor effort of manual QA testers.

So it begs the question: Is this another Blockbuster Video situation? Are folks in manual QA roles faced with the prospect of ‘innovate or die’?

And what roles or responsibilities do employers play in training manual QA testers to advance to fill the Quality Engineering roles?

And how long will it take manual QA offshore companies to feel the pinch?